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Taxeezy Doctor

Expert one-to-one consultation

Book a confidential 60 minute one-to-one consultation with our in-house tax specialist for £99

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Do your tax affairs need a health check?

Are you looking for specialist tax advice?

Our expert Taxeezy Doctor is here to help you!

How It works

1. Register Free And Without Obligation

Log in, have a look around, check out the services we offer.


2. Request your Taxeezy doctor consultation

By phone or Zoom video call.


3. Upload any relevant documentation

We will review all information prior to your consultation.


4. Make A Payment of £99

Using our secure payment system.


5. Our Taxeezy Doctor Will Contact You

We can make tax easy for you!


What's The Cost?


We charge a one-off, flat fee of £99 per consultation.

  • Price includes VAT
  • No additional hidden costs

What's Included?

Get professional help from our accredited in-house tax accountant.

  • A 60 minute one-to-one consultation by phone or video call
  • Personal/business advice and support from a tax specialist