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Non-Resident Landlord Scheme Applications

We will prepare your NRL tax return.

Complete your NRL Scheme application in a few easy steps.

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What is the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme?

Letting agents (or tenants) of a non-resident landlord must deduct tax from the landlord’s UK rental income and pay the tax to HMRC via the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme.

This normally bypasses the need for a UK tax return concerning the property income, subject to the discretion of HMRC, however, it can also be very tax inefficient; personal allowance and certain letting expenses will not be accounted for in the calculation of profit.

If you want to receive your rental income with no tax deducted, you can apply to HMRC for exemption from deduction of tax at source.  HMRC will instruct your letting agent (or tenant) to stop deducting tax at source and register you for self-assessment (if not already registered).  You can then report your property income on your UK tax return.  By filing a UK tax return, you pay tax only on your net rental profits and you can claim all available allowances and tax reliefs.

If you are resident abroad and, for some reason, your letting agent (or tenant) is not deducting tax at source from rental income, then you must apply regardless and this is relevant to both UK and Foreign Nationals.

How It works

1. Register Free And Without Obligation

Log in, have a look around, check out the services we offer.


2. Select Our NRL Application Service

You provide us with some basic information and we’ll have everything we need to start preparing your NRL1i Application.


3. Make a payment of £50

Using our secure payment system.


4. We Match You With One Of Our Tax Accountants

To ensure you receive the right support, your tax accountant will be chosen based on your specific circumstances.


5. We submit your NRL1i application to HMRC

HMRC will process your application and issue you with a UTR number. Then you’ll be ready to start your tax return.


What's The Cost?


We charge a one-off, flat fee of £50.

  • Price includes VAT
  • No additional hidden costs

What's Included?

Get professional help from a UK based accredited accountant.

  • A UK based accredited accountant prepares your application
  • Your NRL1i application submitted to HMRC
  • Online support from your accountant throughout the process
  • Easily Accessible Records saved in your Taxeezy account for your reference